Semalt: WordPress Plugin For Your Site – Top Advice

WordPress themes make it possible for users to build a variety of fabulous websites. However, the design process makes choosing the perfect theme very difficult. Fortunately, it is now possible to break the library down into logical categories of free or premium, and single purpose or multipurpose themes.

Oliver King, one of the most experienced experts from Semalt, provides in the article a helpful description in this regard for you to consider.

Differences Between Free and Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress helps lay the foundation for your website. An excellent WordPress theme makes it easier to customize your site to your liking. Simply choose the one that suits your design. It requires you first to understand what options are available.

The Pros and Cons of Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress themes are ideal for those users who do not have a budget yet are looking for website solutions. Free themes generate no profits for developers by definition. Developers may thus not at liberty, in some cases, to offer dedicated support or regular updates for their users. The result is that it leaves the website vulnerable to security risks.

There are many free themes that users can use for their websites. Even though they are not for sale, keep in mind the 'buyer beware' frame of mind and remain cautious as to what themes you are building your website on.

The Pros and Cons of Premium WordPress Themes

The benefit that premium themes have over free ones is that they come with dedicated support. They impose a one-time fee upon purchase, but this can change depending on the number of sites the user wishes to install them on. Premium themes receive regular updates and are more secure. They sometimes end up being bloated since there is always a hurry to release more features even though they do not benefit all users.

Differences between Single Purpose and Multipurpose WordPress Themes

Choosing between a free and premium WordPress theme is just one step towards narrowing down to your hem. Next, you need to decide whether your website will require a single purpose theme or a multipurpose one.

Pros and Cons of Single Purpose WordPress Themes

Single purpose themes target a specific subset of a website. For example, it could be a type of site like a blog, or a particular industry.They benefit users in that they provide a 'bespoke' end product and are often cheaper than the multipurpose themes. With their limitations on their use, you can expect higher quality support.

The theme limitations also do not support site flexibility. It means that if at some point in future you feel like evolving your site, then you might have to look for something new because the single purpose theme will not do the necessary.

Pros and Cons of Multipurpose WordPress Themes

A multipurpose theme is a single theme with many different tools and functions targeted at maximizing their market share. These themes have an extensive range of pre-built layout and demos and a plethora of features and bundled WordPress plugins. The combination makes it possible to build any website to any standard desired. The only exceptions are those sites with high-level functionality requirement. If you select a high-quality multipurpose theme, you may never have to buy another theme in future. Multipurpose themes are more prone to feature bloating and are not the best suit to cater for specialized needs.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Theme

1. Budget: choose a free theme if you do not have any money to spend. Otherwise, spending on quality can greatly benefit you in future.

2. What are you building? Choose a single purpose theme if you know the type of website you wish to develop, are sure of the features required, and confident that these needs are not set to change anytime soon. If you are looking for unrivaled functionality and flexibility, then the multipurpose theme is your best bet.

Some of the places that you can start your search for themes are and ThemeForest. Free themes are exclusive to, but you can also visit ThemeIsle, HeroThemes, or Nimbus Themes for an additional premium theme search.


Despite the problem of an abundance of WordPress themes, picking the right one for you comes down to which fits your budget and then what suits your website needs.